how long will my candle burn for?

Our 10oz Tumblers will burn for more than 60+ hours! Always make sure never to leave your candle unattended and do not burn for more than 4 hours at a time. The scent from your candle will last long after you’ve extinguished it, so keep your candle in tip top shape by limiting to the recommended burn times.

Our tea lights are meant for much shorter burn times to introduce you to our scents, so expect your tea light to last for 4-5 hours.


are your candles eco-friendly?

All of our candles are made with pure plant-based ingredients - 100% soy wax with no dyes or additives, blended with naturally derived fragrance oils for scent.

In addition, our wicks are responsibly sourced from a premium supplier in the USA certified by the Forest Stewardship Council, meaning they meet the "gold standard" ethical production.


why won’t my wood wick candle stay lit?

Nothing compares to the soft crackling and distinctive dance of light from a wood wick candle, but wood wicks’ unique properties can sometimes require a bit more knowledge in how they work to help your candle perform its best.

Here’s a few of our expert tips and tricks for getting and exceptional wood wick experience and long-lasting, clean burns.


are your candles safe?

Soy candles are made of vegetable wax and do not emit toxins into the air making them an excellent choice for burning indoors where ventilation is often limited. When petroleum ingredients, like paraffin wax, are burned, carcinogenic byproducts such as benzene, toluene, and formaldehyde are released. With soy candles, you have no fear that your candle is emitting any of those chemicals.

Our fragrance oils are 100% phthalate free and undergo rigorous third party testing. We only choose scents and ingredients that are fully screened and clear of the following:

carcinogens: materials known or thought to cause cancer

mutagens: materials that change the DNA of a cell

reproductive toxins: toxins that impact reproductive organs and increase the risk of birth defects.

organ toxins: toxins that can cause disease or other adverse effects within specific bodily organs.

acute toxins: toxins that can cause adverse effects from a single exposure.


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